Kate Middleton's Brother Has Become One Royal Embarrassment

Kate Middleton  It’s hard enough having friends talking about your supposed pregnancies to the tabloids and seeing the media obsessing over your sister’s derriere, but it looks like Kate Middleton’s brother might have really outdone himself when it comes to embarrassing the Duchess. James Middleton’s latest project is so odd that I’m sure Prince George is even giving his uncle one hell of a side eye for it.


Apparently, James has started a new business by turning Instagram snaps into marshmallows. Yep, you've read that right!

James christened his idea "Boomf" (which is supposedly the onomatopoeic word for the sound marshmallows make when they hit the ground ... I mean, really?!?!) for those who have just been dying to eat a sticky, gooey version of their favorite selfie photo in marshmallow form.

Honestly, this sounds so weird that I can’t even believe it myself.

James recently told CNBC that he wanted to make marshmallows just as modern, edgy, and cool as the custom-made cupcakes and cronuts everyone’s friends and mothers are posting on their social media accounts these days. He said:

It’s a collaboration of technology and food. We wanted to experiment with how we could combine the two. We’re taking confectionery into the modern era.

The only problem though is that these bite-sized marshmallows come with a pretty expensive price tag. A box of 9 marshmallows will set you back $26.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like something I don’t think I’m willing to try. First off, I’m not egotistical enough that I would want to eat a calorific picture of my face, and second, who eats marshmallows? Unless it’s sandwiched in between a Hershey’s chocolate bar and graham cracker, no thank you! Honestly, this idea sounds more like a bust than a boom.

Do you think Kate is embarrassed of her brother’s latest business idea as well? 

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