Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy Split: ALL the Seedy Details

Michael StrahanMichael Strahan and Nicole Murphy ended their five-year engagement, and it's hard to know exactly what happened given all of the rumors, but the truth is no doubt somewhere in the middle. Michael's rep released a statement blaming it on the distance between New York, where he spends most of his time, and Los Angeles, where she spends hers. Fair enough. But then we started hearing other stuff, some of it pretty shocking. Let's run down what might have really happened here.


Soon after the pair split, supposedly because the long distance relationship wasn't working, word went out that the real reason for the breakup was that Nicole had found out Michael was cheating on her. Apparently she had investigated her suspicions and found "proof" of a side chick.

But shortly after that rumor surfaced, sources said that the real reason was because Nicole, who lost much of her money from her divorce with Eddie Murphy, refused to sign a prenup, even though Michael was always very "generous" with her. Perhaps he didn't want to be "generous" for life -- and was worried about Nicole's bad investments!

But then lo! All of a sudden, pics surfaced of Nicole on a "secret" vacation with former NBA star Jim Jackson in July -- not only before the breakup but about the same time Michael was supposedly cheating on her. Tit for tat? The two certainly looked very comfy in Puerto Rico, like they'd been together for awhile.

But perhaps Nicole was just getting her revenge for what supposedly happened back in January -- TMZ reports that Nicole suspected her fiance was engaging in some dilly-dally with another woman at a Los Angeles hotel room. She went so far as to bang on the door while yelling, "I know you're in there with some bitch" and then to turn to curious bystanders and announce, "It's Michael from Kelly and Michael in there."

Thanks for the info, Nicole!

You can tell how bitter this breakup is because Nicole told TMZ cameras, "Yes, we'll always be friends," but her tone was more like, "Dude, you nuts?! I hate the asswipe!"

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I can totally see her banging on that hotel door though. By the way, no one ever answered. Well, would you?!

What do you think happened?


Image via Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Showtime

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