Channing Tatum Goes Pantless in Best Scene Since 'Magic Mike' (WATCH)

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Channing Tatum just seems like he's a phenomenal human being, doesn't he? So he may not win an Academy Award any time soon, but he's hilarious, seems to have a good heart, is a great father and husband (from everything that's written about him, at least), and, not to mention, is ridiculously good-looking. Come on, don't hate. So when Bear Grylls got Tatum to take off his pants out in the wild for Running Wild With Bear Grylls -- well, you know that's something you really want to see.

Not only THAT, Tatum also did a backflip out of a HELICOPTER because why not! Then he had to take off said pants ... "to wring them out." Sure, okay, why not, we'll take it!

Praise be. Happy Friday all.



The two of them are at Yosemite National Park to do a little hiking, rappelling, and diving for Monday's show. Considering that whole "don't jump up or you may get your head chopped off warning" and the fact that Tatum revealed he's never done a backflip in his life, you can't help but give the guy props for pulling off an epic jump off that helicopter. And watching Bear de-pants him was also just a treat for the senses.

If only Bear could have convinced Channing to take off his shirt too. Oh wait, well, we've kind of seen that already, haven't we?

channing tatum magic mike

channing tatum magic mike
Tee hee hee.

Grylls' Union Jack undies are also pretty fantastic.

Okay, okay, I guess we all have to go back to our non-helicopter, pants-wearing lives now.

And be sure to check out the episode in full on Running Wild With Bear Grylls Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC. It will just affirm your shameless crush on Tatum even more. Come on, at the very least, he seems like a pretty funny, affable guy! Who wouldn't want to see him taking on the wildnerness??

Are you excited any time Channing Tatum takes his pants off?


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