Rob Kardashian Heads to Rehab in Latest Cry for Help

Rob KardashianIs Rob Kardashian finally getting some real help? Although we've heard these rehab rumors before, once again a report has it that Rob is entering rehab to get some help with his depression. In Touch says that supposedly Rob will enter a treatment center called Bridges to Recovery that specializes in mood disorders and addiction to medications.


While we know Rob has gained at least 75 pounds in the past few years and that he's been suffering from depression, he's never admitted to a drug problem, although pics of him supposedly at a "drug-fueled party" drinking Sizzurp have made the rounds.

Last time we heard that Rob was entering rehab, it seemed to turn out not to be true. And when a rumor spread that he was going to a "fat camp," he shot that down on Twitter. So could it be for real this time?

Perhaps Rob is a bit more open to help these days, as his Twitter account. He had abandoned it previously, but now it has been reignited. He seems a lot more upbeat. He recently posted about how cute North is and lots of supportive messages to his sisters.

In the past Rob has said he doesn't believe in therapy, but perhaps that has changed. Which would be good. Because whatever he's been doing hasn't quite been working and we want Rob on the road to recovery.

Do you think Rob needs to get help?


Image via 247PapsTV/Splash News

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