Robin Thicke Helps Kendra Wilkinson Forget All About Hank Baskett​

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It seems like it's only a matter of time before Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett get divorced. Not all that long after Baskett's cheating allegations came to light, Kendra began meeting with divorce lawyers. According to her friends, she's made up her mind and there's no chance of a reconciliation between the two. It's sad, because, well, divorce is always sad, and, at one point, the couple seemed really happy with one another. But Kendra doesn't seem to be looking back on her decision to leave Baskett at all.

Apparently, after sitting down with divorce attorneys on Wednesday, Kendra and a bunch of her friends hit up an L.A. club for a fun night out, replete with dancing and drinking. Things supposedly didn't get too wild for the mom of two, but according to witnesses, Kendra appeared to be in happy spirits, which is a good sign.

And totally random: Kendra was also seen hanging out with Robin Thicke that night.


From the sounds of things, Thicke, along with Kendra's long-time pal, Too Short, just stopped by the table Kendra and her friends were sitting at, but hey, if there's anyone who knows what Kendra's going through, it's Robin. Wait, actually, scratch that -- it's Robin's wife, Paula Patton, since he's the one accused of cheating on her. Maybe Kendra should get together with Paula to commiserate?

I would be highly (highly) surprised if anything wound up going on with Kendra and Robin. Not only is he openly desperate to get Patton back, I'm sure Kendra has had her fill of cheaters. But I'm sure many headlines will beg to differ -- and hey, if the two become friends, no harm in that. The important thing is that Kendra currently is feeling good and surrounded by people who support her. After everything she's been through, she certainly deserves it.

Do you think Kendra should divorce Hank ASAP?


Image via Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram

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