Megan Fox Would Beat Me at Pictionary & Here's the Humiliating Proof (PHOTOS)

Megan Fox tonight showSay what you will about Megan Fox's acting skills, the woman is hot. I don't necessarily get the feeling I would enjoy hanging out with her at a playdate, but I give her major props for still looking like a damn pinup star after giving birth to two children. It's theoretically possible Megan Fox may have indulged in a tiny bit of surgical enhancement here and there, but whatever she's had done (if anything! I'm not pointing fingers!), the results are cartoonishly sexy. I mean literally cartoonish: she looks like she stepped from the page of a comic book drawn by a guy who has a thing for smoldering brunettes.

While Megan Fox may be one of Hollywood's biggest sex symbols, we can all take solace in the fact that she's too dumb to draw something that ANYONE can draw. Thanks to her participation in Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Pictionary game, Fox's tragic attempt at drawing a totally common animal shows just how empty that pretty head of hers really is.


Megan Fox, Nick Cannon, and Wiz Khalfia played Pictionary with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show this Wednesday, and when it came time for Fox to draw a frog, she totally failed. Check it out:

Ha! How ridiculous! Who can't draw a frog, for crying out loud? In fact, let me get a pen and a piece of paper so I can show this brainless actress how it's done. You just draw it head on, with the feet ... um, the torso ...

Okay hang on. That's just a first attempt. Everyone screws up the first pancake. Let me go at this again, but from the side. Yeah, that was obviously the problem, you have to see the jumpy legs and stuff, and ... dammit, do these things have ears?

Wow. That's ... terrible. What's happening here? Why is this so hard? What if I try from above, with the bulgy eyes all ...

What the eff. I can't think of what a frog looks like either! Megan Fox was -- wait wait wait, how about Kermit? Ha! THAT'S the answer! Oh Megan you FOOL, I can't believe you didn't think of drawing Kermit, everyone knows what Kermit ... can recognize ...

Dear Ms. Fox, please accept my formal apology for accusing you of lacking intelligence for not being able to draw a frog. It was not my intention to cause any damage or inconvenience. In retrospect, I believe the situation resulted from my incorrect assumption that drawing a frog would be easy as hell. While this is by no means an excuse for my behavior, knowing the cause will help me guard against future mistakes. Again, I am sorry for my rudeness. Your eyebrows, by the way, are awesome.

Can YOU draw a frog? Please post your attempts.

Images via YouTube, Linda Sharps

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