Kendra Wilkinson Wants to Divorce Hank Baskett

Kendra WilkinsonWe haven't heard much about Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett lately. Are they patching things up? Is the marriage doomed? According to the latest report, it's more the latter. A source told E Online! that Kendra just can't seem to forgive Hank for his rumored indiscretion with a transsexual model and has visited a lawyer to talk about divorce.


Says the source:

Kendra has visited her lawyer several times in the last few weeks. She is trying to figure out what to do because it's such a complicated situation. She has been asking for advice on the best way to go through with the divorce. Between the children and joint finances she feels like it's a no-win situation. She wants to leave Hank. She can't forgive him for what he did. Untangling their marriage is a huge headache and she's heartbroken about it.

Another source added:

She doesn't know when, but there is no chance of rekindling. She is so hurt and disappointed.

Ugh, what a terrible situation. I guess Kendra doesn't feel she can take the Tori Spelling route and try to work things out -- but perhaps it's Hank who won't go to the extreme mea culpas that Dean McDermott was willing to do. Though we won't know what Hank was willing to do until Kendra on Top airs.

I can't say I blame Kendra. Learning that your husband did something so despicable as cheat while you are eight months pregnant would be damn near impossible for me to forgive, personally. I respect Kendra for her choice. And perhaps she found out more where that came from.

On the other hand, until the show airs, we don't know if an imminent divorce is true or not. Ugh, Hank, whyyy???


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