Michelle Money Spoils 'Bachelor in Paradise' Ending Without Even Realizing It

Michelle Money

If you aren't a fan of reality TV spoilers, then you probably should stop reading this immediately. It looks like one of the cast members of Bachelor in Paradise may have spilled the beans as far as who may wind up winning the show.

Michelle Money posted a very innocent yet very telling tweet. It basically tells us whether or not we can expect to see her in the coming weeks' episodes.



Huh. So she was there for a month? I guess this means there's a very good chance she was one of the last women standing -- and there's also even more evidence to support that theory.

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According to the spoilers, Michelle and Cody Sattler became a couple on Bachelor in Paradise and are still together, which means there's a very decent chance they wind up winning the whole thing. I mean, isn't the whole point of the show to fall in love and leave Mexico as a couple?

(I know. I'm kind of bummed that she doesn't wind up with Marquel Martin too.)

Sigh. I guess we can go ahead and assume that a few of our other favorite contestants will be making an early exit if we know Michelle and Cody lasted as long as they did.

Not that I'm complaining or anything. I've been a Michelle fan since day one and would love nothing more than to see her find the love and respect she deserves!

Who are you rooting for on Bachelor in Paradise?


Image via ABC

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