Megan Fox Admits She Isn't Having Sex With Husband

megan fox brian austin greenTwenty-eight-year-old Megan Fox has made a big statement about her sex life with 41-year-old husband Brian Austin Green. She said they aren't having "any intimacy whatsoever." Ouch. This is bad news. 

Megan and Brian have two kids together and both are under 2. Plus, Green has an older child from a previous relationship. No sex? Kind of makes sense. But not really. In fact, it should be easier for these two to get it on simply because they are rich and famous.


One of the biggest issues new parents face is finding some alone time. This is especially true if you have a baby who is still waking up in the night. Interruptions are intimacy's enemy. Plus, when you have kids, you are just tired all the time. SO TIRED. A tired you never imagined possible. A tired even more tired than a raging hangover from your pre-kids/no-responsibility days. Intimacy? What the heck is that? And who has time for it?

But it must be done. Because if you don't recapture the passion, the relationship will slowly but most likely surely disintegrate. Sex stops. Communication stops. Soon you could find yourselves two strangers sort of co-parenting with nothing to say to each other except, "Did you pick up the diapers we needed?" And there is nothing sexy about that.

How much married people should be having sex varies, but there must be intimacy of some kind. They must show love to feel love.

So my advice for Megan and Brian is to get on this now. NOW. Start doing romantic things. Hold hands. Kiss. Connect on the emo and physical level. This is Megan Fox we're talking about. The sex appeal here is HUGE. Get a sitter (they can afford it). Get a hotel room (they can afford that, too). And get it on.

Are you shocked that Megan and Brian aren't having sex?


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