Oprah Reveals Her True Food Obsession & It's Not What You Think

oprah winfreyThere's no doubt about it: Food is in. Just take a peek at your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter feeds, and lo and behold, there will be photos upon photos of what people are eating and/or cooking. Even Oprah Winfrey is in on the trend as one of the producers of the upcoming film, The Hundred-Foot Journey. Doesn't sound that delicious of a title, but the movie focuses on two restaurants (one Indian, the other French) competing for business in the South of France. French food? Indian food? South of France? Sounds like a delectable winner!

Winfrey has said, "Food allows to blend cultures and gives ability peek in other's life. It is about a hundred foot divide between cultures." Blah blah blah, yes, of course. But as a self-proclaimed foodie (are we still using that word? it's awful), would you ever guess what Oprah's true culinary obsession is?

Wonder no more. She has proclaimed, "I’m a truffle freak."


Truffles! Yes indeed! Welp, according to Merriam-Webster, the technical definition for truffle is the dark or light edible subterranean fruiting body of several European ascomycetous fungi (especially genus Tuber). Yum!

No, seriously, anyone who has eaten anything with truffles knows what a delicacy it is. They are pretty pugnent and have quite a distinct taste, so often they are used sparingly. And it figures that Oprah is a fan of one of the most expensive foods in the world, but hey, she's freakin' earned it.

She also went on to say, "I’m really good with, unfortunately, pastas," Winfrey told Confidenti@l at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Monday night. "I make a mean pasta with shaved truffles, like a tortellini stuffed with cheese and truffles. I’m a truffle freak. I walk around with truffle salt, that’s on my rider for the hotels. Truffle salt, truffle oil."

Whoa. Demanding hotels stock up on truffle salt and oil? That's pretty badass. And kind of a surprising thing for her to admit, don't you think? It's nice to hear that, though Oprah's made multiple headlines about her constant struggle with her weight, she still admits she indulges in comfort foody pasta dishes. Hey, moderation is key, right?

Apparently she's so obsessed with truffles that she wanted to make them part of an upcoming piece in O, the Oprah Magazine. "I want to go to Alba (Italy) and do the truffle hunt with the pigs in October," she mentioned. Truffle hunting in Italy? Oprah must have done some pretty amazing things in a past life. Kudos to her for embracing her true food freakiness.

Now you can go about your own life knowing that Oprah's got better taste and a bigger wallet than you do (you probably knew that already?). If only you could have a little bit of truffle salt standing by at every hotel you stay in! Alas, you are not Oprah, but at least you can check out The Hundred-Foot Journey and perhaps get some new recipe inspiration for yourself. Just don't forget to post to Instagram.

What do you think of Oprah's food obsession? Are you a truffle fan?


Image via Lwp Kommunikáció/Flickr

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