Kendall Jenner's Date With Ashton Irwin Was Exactly What She Needed (PHOTO)

Ashton Irwin & Kendall Jenner

Despite rumors saying she's dating NBA player Chandler Parsons, now Kendall Jenner has been spotted with Ashton Irwin, one of the members of the new "it" boy band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

A photo has popped up on Twitter of Kendall getting into a cab in New York City with him, after supposedly hanging out with other members of the band and her BFF Hailey Baldwin in the wee hours of the morning. Now of course everyone assumes she's all over him in an effort to rid her mind of Harry Styles once and for all. (Good luck with that honey.)


Here's the pic, which isn't even remotely scandalous, but still interesting, nonetheless.

Oh, and did I mention that 5 Seconds of Summer had actually opened for One Direction earlier that night? Yep. They played a show in New Jersey, and I guess it's safe to assume Ashton didn't discuss his post-concert activities with his good pal Harry.

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Something tells me if he had, Harry probably would've warned him against getting mixed up with the Kardashian family, what with how his brief romance with Kendall was dragged through the mud in the media.

But who knows, maybe having a high-profile relationship won't bother this Ashton dude? I mean, he must have a decent sense of humor and not take himself too seriously considering how badly Kendall flubbed announcing him and his band at the Billboard Music Awards.

If that didn't turn him off, then odds are good Kendall's momager and wacky family won't send him running for the hills either.

And honestly, going out with another hot boy band member is probably just the thing to help Kendall move on from Harry once and for all. Nothing quite mends a broken heart like a ridiculously attractive distraction.

But I guess we probably shouldn't read too much into this hookup just yet. Although, if photos of Kendall and Ashton on a ski trip together suddenly pop up in a few months, we'll know it's true love for sure. (Or something like that.)

Do you think Kendall should date another boy band member?


Images via jfraser/Splash News; Splash News

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