Royal Pressures Take a Physical Toll on Poor Kate Middleton (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton

For the longest time, Kate Middleton looked like she was holding steady at a post-baby weight she was comfortable with, but it seems her body is changing once again. The Duchess has lost a significant amount of weight lately, signaling that she might be so stressed from her daily royal routine, it’s literally eating her away. That, or Prince George’s mama is on one very dangerous diet.

Unfortunately for Kate though, this is NOT her best look.


Kate Middleton

On Tuesday, the Duchess was with Prince William and Prince Harry while visiting the Tower of London’s ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ poppy installation to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I. She wore a cerulean LK Bennett dress that accentuated her VERY small waistline.

Since giving birth to Prince George in July 2013, the Duchess has managed to keep some of that post-baby weight on her frame, making her look like the yummiest mummy to come out of Kensington Palace. In fact, we haven't seen Kate look this rail thin since 2012, when even Katie Couric made waves when she commented about how horribly thin Kate looked.

So could this mean that Kate is feeling SO pressured to get knocked up that she’s not eating? Something must be going on behind those royal doors. Or perhaps someone might be criticizing her figure as well. Heck, it happened to both Princesses Diana and Fergie back in the '90s when both ladies were slammed for having a little more than an inch to pinch. Sadly, the royal family has a long history of eating disorders and we fear that cycle just won’t end.

Whatever Kate’s dietary habits are, there’s no denying that something must be getting to her. Whether it’s the stress of getting pregnant again or someone telling her to cut back on those macaroons, Kate’s sudden weight loss signals that she may be unhappy or anxious about something, and only time will tell what it is.

Do you think Kate has lost too much weight in the past few weeks?

Images via Chris Jackson/Getty and Splash News

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