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11 Celebs Who Prove Having Small Boobs Is Seriously Hot

Big boobies are in. Kim Kardashian is probably the prime example of how a girl with ginormous tatas is considered the feminine ideal. But of course, there was Marilyn Monroe, Mae West. Large boobs have always screamed sex appeal. But what about women with small boobs? Given all of the plastic surgery in Hollywood, and the pressure to be super sexy, I've always admired how some celebrities simply refuse to surgically inflate their bust -- and yet these women are still considered totally hot. Here are 11 celebs who make small boobs look sizzling.

1Paris Hilton

It couldn't have been easy for original "famous for nothing" reality star Paris to watch her former BFF Kim Kardashian eclipse her fame. So all the more props to Paris for keeping her original small bustline.

2Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber can have any woman he wants, but he keeps going back to Selena Gomez, whose perfectly proportioned boobs make her unbelievably erotic.

4Cara Delevingne

The hottest model on the scene isn't big-knockered Kate Upton, but Cara and her small girls.


Rihanna is probably the sexiest singer in the world (besides Beyonce) and she didn't need boob implants to get there.

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6Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has embraced her sexuality in a big way, but that didn't mean she felt compelled to enlarge her breasts.

7Iggy Azalea

Iggy is one of the hottest singers in the world right now, and her natural breasts make her even hotter.

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8Kate Moss

The original supermodel vaulted to fame with her lithe "heroin chic" frame -- you can thank Kate for making small boobs trendy.

9Kendall Jenner

Some girls might feel a bit insecure next to the big butts and breasts of big sisters Kim and Khloe -- but not Kendall. She totally rocks her tall, thin, small-boobed frame.

10Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart nabbed Robert Pattinson without any plastic surgery -- and she was sexy enough to even risk their relationship by cheating!


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