Kylie Jenner's Latest Antics Prove She's Got Real Problems

Kylie JennerI guess if you're 16 years old and have been famous since you were a child for no other reason than that cameras follow your every move, perhaps you'd grow up to be a diva too. I mean, I would hope you wouldn't -- but how could you not? Rumor has it that Kylie Jenner has let her KUTWK fame go straight to her puffy-lipped head. Wetpaint reports that Kylie and a friend stole a family's table at a restaurant and then refused to give it back.


Apparently it all went down at a trendy and health conscious restaurant in Los Angeles. A family reportedly got up from their table to get their drinks when Kylie and a friend decided to sit down at it. Apparently it was "obvious" the table was taken, but how so is unclear.

When the family's husband calmly explained that it was their table, the wife gripes that Kylie actually refused to acknowledge that he was speaking and continued talking into her cellphone. The wife complains:

She didn’t look up once! Finally, when my husband grabbed our belongings and said he was going to get the manager, Kylie looked up and said, 'Do it!' She was a total diva.

Yikes, what the hell? If Kylie pulled that diva trip on me, she might find my beverage over her head.

Then again, not much more can be expected from someone who has had everything handed to her and hasn't had to work for anything -- unless you count posing for endless selfies as work (hey, I'm sure Kim does).

On the other hand, she is still young and still has time to learn some manners. Someone, somewhere will eventually teach them to her in a painful way if she keeps up this attitude.

Do you think Kylie is acting spoiled?


Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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