'Orange Is the New Black' Cast Gives Conan Gut-Busting Lesson on Doing 'Crazy Eyes' (VIDEOS)

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When the cast of Orange Is the New Black appears on a late night television show together for the first time, you know it's going to be great. You just know it! The second season debuted on Netflix on June 6, 2014, to much acclaim. Time to celebrate by appearing on Conan! Everyone from Taylor Schilling to Jason Biggs, Kate Mulgrew, Natasha Lyonne, Laverne Cox, and Uzo Aduba showed up, and it was as amazing as fans hoped it would be.

OITNB took over all of Conan, featuring a clever OITNB-themed monologue, an alternative to those iconic opening credits, and even a beauty lesson from Laverne and Crazy Eyes lessom from Uzo. So say goodbye, farewell to the next 10 or so minutes of your life to check out all this footage. You'll be grateful that you did. Come on, all these women on this show are truly amazing. And FUNNY.


Conan's awesome pickup line that didn't get him much action in college:

Some very helpful beauty tips from Laverne. "People are scared of clowns! OK?":

Uzo Aduba teaches Conan how do to "Crazy Eyes." Let's just say hers actually look crazy -- Conan's just look kind of, um, scary.

Here are the alternate opening credits:

Lea DeLaria reveals that she had to teach Natasha Lyonne about lesbian sex. Something important for the show's fans to know. Good times:

Laverne Cox talks about how her twin brother, who made a cameo on the show, constantly gets mistaken for her:

Kate Mulgrew gets back at Conan when, 15 years ago, he made her do an Irish jig on live television. She extracts her revenge:

Taylor Schilling & Uzo Aduba open up about that crazy fight scene. And the particular body party they both needed to avoid:

Natasha Lyonne apparently got groped by Marlon Brando. Who would have ever known. In case that comes up at your next dinner party:

And, last but not least, the revelation you definitely needed to hear! Jodie Foster apparently gave Jason Biggs some tips on how to masturbate on camera:

And that's not even all the clips. So much OITNB goodness to soak up. Thanks Conan!

Are you an OITNB fan? What did you think of the cast's appearance on Conan?


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