Scandalous Reason Michael Strahan Was Dumped By His Fiancée

Michael StrahanMichael Strahan and Nicole Murphy ended their five-year engagement, and at first the reason seemed like one of those mature adult-type decisions. The pair live on opposite coasts, and Michael's rep said that they just couldn't make it work given the distance. But things may be a lot more shady than that! I mean, are we surprised? This is Hollywood! TMZ reports that the real reason things went awry is because Michael was cheating. Nooooooo. Say it ain't so, bro!


A source close to the couple (is that you, Nicole?) told the gossip site that Nicole began to suspect that Michael was seeing another woman in July and that she started to "investigate" the matter. Hmm. Private detective? Cracked into his email? What?

She then apparently found "proof" that an affair was going on and immediately broke up with him and then went public with the split. If that's true, she didn't say why, so you've got to give her some credit for being discreet, even if Michael's camp wasn't thrilled that it happened right before his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.

But there's more to the story here, as there always is. Michael's sources say that the couple had actually broken up before he began seeing the other woman and that the two were on a "break." Hmm, Michael. That excuse didn't work for Ross from Friends, and it ain't gonna work with you.

However, Michael's side seems already to be fighting back. You can bet it was someone from his camp who leaked the tidbit that the real reason wasn't cheating either -- but that Nicole wouldn't sign a prenup. A source Page Six:

Nicole was unwilling to sign a prenup, even though Michael has consistently been very generous to her.

Hmm, well, how do you think she managed to keep her lifestyle after her marriage to Eddie Murphy fell apart? Girlfriend ain't dumb! Oh wait, maybe she is that dumb. She sued her money manager in 2010 for losing her divorce fortune. Oops.

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Well, this is sad but not entirely unexpected. Despite the fact that Michael travels to Los Angeles every week for his sports show gig, it must be difficult to maintain a bicoastal relationship. Still, if Michael "forgot" to tell Nicole he was seeing someone else, that's just cowardly and scuzzy. Hope it's not true!

Do you think Michael cheated?


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