Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Most Famous Asset in Skin-Tight Pants (PHOTO)

kim kardashianIt's been a while since we've gotten a good glimpse of Kim Kardshian's famous booty. But just as we were starting to feel like we may never see the world's most talked-about derriere again, it goes and makes an impromptu appearance right as Kim is heading into a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live. And, as usual, it did not disappoint.

Just before changing into her sexy, silky bustier outfit thingie, Kim was spotted entering the building in her "pedestrian clothes." Of course, Kim K's idea of pedestrian clothes is a lot different than our idea of pedestrian clothes, which is exactly why we love her.

Check out Kim's unbelievable curves in her super-tight jeans.


kim kardashian

Wow, right? (And, side note, love how the security guard is checking Kim out.) Only Kim could make a pair of jeans and a blazer look this sexy. Also, anyone else wondering how she's going to get out of those bad boys later on?

There's no denying that Kim has an incredibly hot body, but I've gotta be honest, I much prefer the "booty shots" that feature her in regular clothes, as opposed to, you know, the photos that leave nothing to the imagination. In fact, I think they're sexier, as they've got a little mystique.

But we all know if there's one thing Kim Kardashian will continue to do, it's post scantily clad photos of herself online. And, I don't know, I suppose if I looked like her, I'd do the same.

kim kardashian

What do you think of Kim's tight jeans look?


Images via Brew Master/Splash News

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