Lindsay Lohan Looks Happy & Healthy in Sexy Bikini Selfie (LOOK)

Lindsay LohanWhen we last left LiLo ... she was busy suing Grand Theft Auto, because they created a character in the game that looked sort of like her likeness. Or something. But before that, Lindsay Lohan was looking hotter than ever after that whole sex list fiasco. Seriously -- did you see her in those thigh-high stiletto boots?

It looks like the troubled star is still bringing her sexy back, if the latest pics she posted on Instagram are any indication. The 28-year-old star showed off her banging curves in a colorful pink and purple bikini in Ibiza, Spain, on Sunday, August 3, while covering her face with the camera. Apparently not everyone is into the #NoMakeup selfies.


The photo was accompanied by some simple emojis of hearts and a peace sign, which can roughly be translated to, "I'm sexy and I know it." We're pretty sure, at least.

In all seriousness, how fantastic does Linz look? With everything she's done to abuse her body over the years, it's nice to see her looking healthy and whole.

She posted some other pics with friends, and if her captions are any indication, she's feeling as good as she looks. In one snap of her (in the same bikini) with two male friends, she wrote, "Be happy and healthy. It's possible," and in another of friends frolicking in the ocean, "Happiness is key. Live. Laugh. Love."

It's nice to have you back, Lindsay. Now stop it with the cray-cray for good and make more movies like Mean Girls. We'll be forever grateful -- promise.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan is finally getting over whatever it was she was going through that sort of turned her life into a hawt mess?


Image via Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

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