Kate Middleton Is Obsessed With Hollywood's Most Scandalous Star

kate middletonSome things we all just have to take with a grain of salt, and this, friends, is one of those things. But it's interestingly weird, so worth sharing nonetheless. According to a certain tawdry tabloid, Kate Middleton is dying to meet Angelina Jolie -- but Prince William isn't having it. The Duchess of Cambridge is headed off to Malta for a solo royal trip this September, and apparently Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be there as well during that time. As the story goes, the future queen thought it the perfect time to set up a meeting with the power couple, but Wills is forbidding his wife from doing so for two very specific reasons.


One, according to reports, when the Duke and Duchess made their way to Los Angeles a few years ago, Brad and Angie supposedly snubbed an invite the royal couple had extended to them (burn!). And two, Prince William supposedly thinks Angelina's hard-partying past isn't a good look and one his wife, now a mother, ought not to be associated with. Okay. Sure.

I'm certainly inclined not to believe this story, as it originated from the Globe, and, well, it just sounds a little ridiculous. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's the teeniest grain of truth to this tale; IE, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to be in Malta the same time as the Duchess -- in which case, I wonder if they will meet. I'd assume so, being that rich, famous people usually tend to gravitate toward one another -- also, why not? On one hand, who wouldn't want to meet Brad and Angelina? And on the other, who wouldn't want to meet Kate Middleton? All three are irresistible.

Do you think there's a single, solitary grain of truth to this story?


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