Nikki Ferrell Admits Her Feelings Have Been Hurt

nikki ferrell juan pabloIt's tough being Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis. There are reports that they are breaking up, and then we go and see a photo like this one posted just yesterday of the two smooching. She did caption the photo: "Don't know what I like more, this guy or my @yumikim romper.....JK it's totally the romper #onlykidding #yumikim." She's so silly. Still, people will read into that and think there is truth there. But she's also human, and gets her feelings hurt.

Nikki admitted that she isn't handling all of this very well, and that Juan Pablo is much better at it than she is.


Nikki wants the world to know that they are "doing great" and are "very happy together." Juan Pablo told People:

I can't pay attention to that. I don't like to read what people write, because they don't know what our relationship is all about.

Nikki added:

He does a better job of ignoring it than I do. I read what people say, and it does hurt my feelings. I'm only human. But really, we are happy and doing well.

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Nikki and JP are experiencing the aftermath of being on The Bachelor. People are going to talk, draw their own conclusions, and because they are in the public eye, the rumors will fly and the only way to deal with it is to have a tough skin. Easier said than done. I would feel exactly what Nikki was feeling if I was her. Being in a relationship and making things work with all this negativity surrounding you from outside sources isn't easy. It does seem, however, that somehow they are navigating it well and focusing on what really matters -- themselves and their love.

Do you feel bad for Nikki?


Image via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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