Blake Shelton Calls Adam Levine Disgusting Name In Front of Fans

blake sheltonWe all know that Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have a brotherly relationship going on. They are so bromantic. Mostly, they seem to have great delight in taking jabs at each other. Blake just seems like that kind of guy. Apparently there was a similar thing when he was on tour with Luke Bryan (pictured here with Blake).

We get to see the antics on The Voice quite a bit, but they only take it so far and maybe that's because it's network TV. Blake's name-calling of Adam at his concert, however, has me thinking if there is really more hate in his jokes.


The latest teasing (I guess you could call it) happened in New York City at Madison Square Garden on Friday. It was his first concert on his tour. And he called Adam a "douchebag."

It's [The Voice] more fun than you can imagine. I can't believe I got that gig. I've gotten to meet some of the coolest people doing that show. All of the different performers they have, working with all the other coaches, except Adam — Adam's a douchebag — but, working with all the other coaches has been awesome … he is going to see that on youtube or something I just know.

Is it just me or does the word "douchebag" seem extra mean? Unnecessary. Disgusting, really. Maybe it's because I remember 86 years ago when I used that word to describe a kid in school who was being mean to me to my parents and my dad flipped out. It may be true that 86 years later, I haven't used the word again except to say I greatly dislike the word douchebag. (I've had to use it way too much in this post!) Adam has worked really hard to not have people think he's a douche, and here is Blake saying he is.

I can draw all kinds of conclusions here. Maybe they really do despise each other. Blake didn't attend Adam and Behati's wedding. Hmmm. Or maybe Blake just likes to use gross words.

What do you think? Does the word "douchebag" bother you? Does it seems extra hateful?


Image via Blake Shelton/Instagram

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