Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult Split Up for the Second Time

In most areas, Jennifer Lawrence is winning at life. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress is talented, beautiful, well-liked, and hilarious. But even mega-stars can't have it all, and one place in which JLaw is lacking is, if you can believe it, in the love department.

Jennifer and her X-Men: Days of Future Past co-star and boyfriend Nicholas Hoult have broken up -- again. This is the second time the couple has called it quits, and their reason for doing so makes perfect sense.


Basically, the reason why Jennifer can't sustain this relationship is because she's too darn famous. 

The 23-year-old actress admitted in the past that she and Nicholas, 24, have "difficult schedules" and that they actually agree to "mutually ignore each other" when they have lots going on. She said they don't get angry if one can't return phone calls or texts because they just both have so much going on in their careers. Sounds super mature. But not very realistic.

The couple split up in January 2013 after two years together because they didn't spent enough time nurturing their relationship. Obviously, they were still in love because they got back together in July of that year. But sometimes love isn't enough. You kind of have to be in the same city as the other person -- at least once in awhile. Hence, the reason why they've now split ... yet again.

Jen is right for putting her career ahead of love right now. She should totally cash in on her fame because, knowing Hollywood, it's anyone's guess how long she'll be offered juicy roles (sad, but true). Jennifer and Nicholas make a totally sweet couple, and if they're meant to be they will find a way to make it work in the future.

Do you think Jennifer should focus on her love life or is she smart to put her career first right now?


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