Heidi Klum's Topless Picture Is WAY Too Hot for Instagram (PHOTO)

heidi klumHoly moly! I want to come back as Heidi Klum's body in my next life. Her head would be cool, too, but I'd be okay if it was just her body. Klum posted her raciest Instagram photo yet -- a shot in which she's clad in nothing but a pair of itty-bitty pink undies, and designer and fellow Project Runway star Zac Posen is covering her boobs. To be honest, the photo is rather strange and was clearly a plug for Project Runway, but how many dudes today wish they were a young, gay designer?

Check out the super-duper racy pic that's prolly not safe for work.


Klum captioned the pic, "I need something to wear for tonight's Project Runway," so again it was obviously meant as a PR stunt... and one that worked, might I say. Klum's all over the Internets today with this pic. And, I mean, when was the last time you thought of Project Runway?

If you don't have, you know, a "job" or a "life" to tend to, you might want to take a gander at the comments on Klum's post. There are many a man telling Heidi how they wish they could trade hands with Zac Posen. And who can blame them? It isn't every day that a dude gets to cop a feel on one of the world's most beautiful supermodels like that. Lucky Zac. He may not be able to appreciate what he's got at his fingertips in this pic, but he's certainly the envy of many today. Yowza!

What do you thikn of Heidi's pic? A lil' much?


Images via Heidi Klum/Instagram

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