If Orlando Bloom Is Dating This Woman, He's Definitely Not Over Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom and Erica Packer
Orlando Bloom and Erica Packer

The world of Orlando Bloom seems to be getting stranger by the minute. First, he has a random brawl with Justin Bieber in a fancy restaurant in Spain, and now he's rumored to be dating Erica Packer -- the ex-wife of the billionaire his ex-wife is supposedly dating. Allow me to lay this out more clearly for you: Orlando Bloom is dating the ex of Miranda Kerr's boyfriend. It all seems so... incestuous. Of course, this could all just be hearsay, but judging by photos of Bloom and Packer hugging, the two certainly are very close friends.


So say the tabloids, Parker's ex-husband, billionaire James Packer, left Erica for Kerr a few months ago. (In fact, a weird fight [which was caught on video] occurred outside of his home not too long when his best friend confronted him about what he did.) Bloom and Erica were spotted getting cozy on a yacht very recently, well-after James and Miranda reportedly got together... do you guys think Bloom is trying to get back at Miranda in some weird and twisted way? And James? In fact, Erica could be trying to get back at James, also. This is a really strange coincidence. (And I know, weirdly reminiscent of a soap opera.)

Of course, there's a chance that the two really are just long-time buddies, but really -- is anybody "just friends" in Hollywood? I'm inclined to believe that something is going on with Orlando and Erica (where there's smoke there's fire?). And I'm also inclined to believe that there's a small part of both of them who wouldn't hate getting back at their exes.

Do you think Orlando and Erica are dating? Do you think they're trying to get back at their exes?


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