Kim Kardashian & North Wear Matching Swimsuits -- OMG! Adorable (PHOTOS)

kim kardashianThere's adorable, and then there's Kim Kardashian and North West wearing matching swimsuits. The normally private -- about her daughter -- mama shared a series of snapshots on her Instagram account on Thursday from her recent vacation in Mexico. In the pics, Kim's frolicking around the beach with North in tow. She's got on a sexy off-white string bikini (natch) and her baby's got on a similar-colored one-piece.

It's impossible to look at these sweet shots and think anything other than, "Awww!" North really is the only person who can totally steal the spotlight from Kim.


First, Kim shared a photo of her butt, because no bathing suit photoshoot with Kim is complete without a shot of her behind.

Then, Kim shared a snap of the two girls coming out of the ocean. Not gonna lie, my very first thought here was, "Man, I need to go on vacation." But after that I thought, "Awww." Such a sweet pic! North is such a doll!

Super-cute, right? Love it when we get to see these two ladies together. Looks like they had a great time, and I vote for more matchy-matchy outfits in the future. Unless they're super-slinky and/or low-cut. That would be weird on a baby.

How cute are these pics of Kim and North?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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