Maksim Chmerkovskiy Quits 'DWTS' for Reason We Just Don't Believe

maksimMajor casting news for Dancing With the Stars. The show's resident hottie Maksim Chmerkovskiy announced that he's quitting the show for good. Devastating, right? It's especially heartbreaking for those of us who like bare pecs with our Cha-Cha. "I'm done dancing," he said on the The View. "I feel like it's time." Here's why he is calling it quits.


"When I came back to the show, it was not the same -- I was different, probably," he said of his previous departure in February 2013. "When I came back, I saw this amazing talent ... I looked at it and thought they can do much more and better. I was taking up a huge spot."

Say what? He doesn't consider himself a "huge talent"? He must be joking. Doesn't he know that making millions of women swoon is a very special job that he has done remarkably well season after season? Not to mention, he just won the Mirrorball trophy with latest partner Meryl Davis. And how will we survive a new season without the inevitable scandals he always sparks? Every time there are rumors that he is hooking up with his partner. Many of us tune in to see whether that reported chemistry is real.

But it sounds like Maks wants to trade his DWTS fame for family life. "I raised so many children at the studio that I am ready to create one of my own," he told Social Life magazine. "I am really ready to have a family now. I need an outlet. I have so much I want to give, and I need someone to give it to."

As heartbroken as his fans may be, they can't argue with that logic. He's ready to settle down with some very lucky woman. And boy do we mean lucky. Plus, there are rumors that he will eventually return to the show as a judge. While it's not a shirtless samba, it will have to do.

Will you watch DWTS if Maks doesn't return?


Image via Blayze / Splash News

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