Kate Middleton's 'Miscarriage' Is Exactly Why Her Friends Shouldn't Gossip

kate middletonIt was bound to happen, being that the poor woman can't steer clear of the pregnancy rumor mill for a single day, but shortly after gossip reached a fever pitch about Kate Middleton being pregnant with her second child, some news outlets are now saying the Duchess has suffered a miscarriage. And by "news outlets," I mean the Globe, so please, take with a giant, heaping spoonful of salt.


Here's the thing, though. As tawdry as a tabloid like the Globe is, it does bring up an interesting point: What if the Duchess did have miscarriage? Or was suffering from health and/or fertility issues? I certainly am not inclined to believe this particular rumor, as it gives extremely specific details that the public would never know about, but imagine having to wake up every day and see talk that you're "pregnant" sprawled across every newsstand and blog in the world when you were dealing with something as heart-breaking as a miscarriage? Awful. And exactly why Kate's "friend" Jessica Hay shouldn't have started the rumor about Kate being pregnant again -- even if it does turn out to be true. Everyone knows the early stages of pregnancy are an extremely delicate time when anything can happen.

It's one of the downsides to being rich, famous, and royal, I suppose. Kate may lead a jet-setting life of luxury and eventually come to be the Queen of England one day, but she, and her uterus, can't seem to stay out of the papers for a moment. And that has to be a terrible way to go through the days if, god forbid, she was ever dealing with anything truly upsetting.

Do you believe any of these rumors?


Image via Kate Middleton/Instagram

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