Kendra Wilkinson's Grandma Makes Bizarre Comment About Cheating Scandal

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Finding out that your husband cheated on you is hard enough. Now imagine if the messy drama was being played out in every tabloid on the planet. So is the story of poor Kendra Wilkinson. In recent weeks, news broke that her hubby Hank Baskett cheated on her. So desperate to grieve her failed marriage in private, she has kept a low profile. However, her grandmother recently revealed something she wasn't supposed to about the entire scandal.


According to Radar Online, since the allegations that Baskett had an affair with a transsexual model came to light, Wilkinson has been out of sight. That's certainly understandable. She must be humiliated by the rumors -- whether true or untrue.

Apparently, she has forbidden family members to talk about the split too. When the website reached out to her grandmother Mary Stotz, who appears on the new season of Kendra On Top, she wouldn't give explicit details about what's happening with the couple. Though she did have this to say: "I'm not permitted to answer. They're my instructions."

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Interesting response, don't you think? Why couldn't she just say, "No comment"? Her words actually inspire more questions and increased speculation about what the former Playboy Playmate is going through. Is Kendra still freaking out? Is she thinking about taking Hank back? Will she really divorce him? Will her show survive without him?

This must be so horrifying for the reality star. The world has followed their romance from the beginning -- and five years in and two children later, everyone assumed they were still a happy couple. Sadly for Kendra, that was far from the case.

What do you think of her grandmother's response?


Image via Kendra Wilkinson Baskett/Instagram

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