Sandra Bullock Turns 50: 5 Awesome Scenes to Celebrate Her (WATCH)

sandra bullockThere is no question that Sandra Bullock is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood. She first won our hearts with a scene-stealing turn in Speed and has kept the world hooked ever since. So to celebrate the fact the gorgeous gal turned 50 (yes, 50, if you can believe it) on July 26, The Stir honors the star with a look back at some of her best work. Sit back and enjoy!


1. Taking on Leigh Anne Tuohy for The Blind Side earned Bullock an Oscar -- and understandably so. Her fiery-sweet character was both funny and mesmerizing.

2. We've seen a lot of ugly duckling to swan transformations in rom-coms, but none as cool as this one in Miss Congeniality.

3. Playing a racist in Crash seemed totally out of character for Bullock, but the fact that she was so intense and believable shows just how crazy-talented she is. 

4. This one was a two-fer: Both Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in the buff in The Proposal.

5. Perhaps the sweetest romantic comedy of all time, every single woman's heart melted during this While You Were Sleeping proposal scene. But let's be serious -- the entire film is full of fab Sandy gems.

Which is your favorite Bullock role?


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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