Kim Kardashian Kissing Her Brother Is Exactly As Embarrassing As It Sounds

Kim Kardashian

Um ... I know they're a pretty close-knit family and all, but would you believe that Kim Kardashian actually kissed her brother at some point in the past?

Er, I mean her step-brother.

During last night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the fam was out enjoying a little cruise. Kris Jenner gave Brody Jenner a hard time about the fact that he appeared to be "crushing" on Kim. But as it turns out, he had the perfect comeback to her accusations.


He pointed to his brother, Brandon Jenner (whose wife Leah was sitting right there!), and said, "That was him and Kim. They kissed back in the day."

Brody then looked at his bro and added, "It's on you now. And he knows it's true."

D'oh! Way to throw your own flesh and blood under the bus, Brody. (But seriously dude ... NICE move!)

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Um, who else is curious as to when this alleged kiss occurred? I mean, it had to be when they were just a couple of innocent kids who were experiencing a good case of puppy love ... right?

There's no way their lip-lock could've possibly gone down after puberty had set in ... or at least we hope not. (That would just be WAY too weird.)

But aside from embarrassing the hell out of Brandon and probably making his wife's head nearly explode, you gotta wonder if bringing up the past had anything to do with the rift that now obviously exists between Brody and Kim. Perhaps she was so pissed off about him mentioning the kiss that she opted not to give him a "plus one" for her wedding?

Hmm. The plot thickens.

Do you believe that Kim kissed Brandon?


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