No Way Kim Kardashian Is Wearing Undies in This Crazy Sexy Dress (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWhoa! There's sexy, and then there's Kim Kardashian in this crazy beige "dress." Why the quotes? Well, while Kim looks stunning in what she's got on, the get-up is somewhat reminiscent of a very thin sheet and a piece of string. And Kim seems to be having trouble keeping it on!

Apparently, Kim donned the coffee-hued silk gown for a photo shoot she was doing in L.A. recently, but she was thisclose to having a truly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, what with the slit so high and the dress cut so low. At one point, she even had to have an assistant come to her aid, because things were about to get awkward.

And, uh, guys? Not to be weird, but it doesn't seem like Kim's wearing any underwear here. Just sayin'.


kim kardashian

Wow, right? This is one sexy dress that leaves very little to the imagination. I'm not quite sure how everything is even staying in place here! This certainly isn't a look for everyone -- in fact, I'd say only well-endowed ladies need apply -- but I suppose if anyone can pull it off, it's Kim.

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Man, I sure would be nervous wearing this thing. In addition to clearly not being able to bend down, one small breeze and Kim's lady parts are saying hello to the world. Hopefully, she's got some super strong double-sided tape underneath there!

What do you think of Kim's sexy dress?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram; Splash News

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