Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Are Moving Really FAST In Their Relationship

sofia vergara Of course we are excited about Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello as a couple. It's a bit mind-blowing in the best way possible. We're hoping they last forever and a day because we believe in love and dislike talking about nasty break-ups.

Something big is definitely happening with So-Jo. They have gone and done the unthinkable for being together a short amount of time.


As far as we know, they have only been dating a month or so. But they may have had some secret thing going on without anyone knowing for longer. Just the other day, Joe took Sofia out to dine with his brother and brother's wife. Family time. That's a big deal.

Now, Sofia took Joe to Miami to meet her closest friends and family. Sofia posted a few photos of the evening on her Instagram including this one with the ladies. She called one of the shots "family night." Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? Is this relationship moving way too fast?

Nah. I'm a hopeless romantic. They two kids are adults. So-Jo forever! They know the deal. Feel all the feelings! Go for it! Love is lovely!

What do you think? Too soon to meet the families?


Image via Sofia Vergara/Instagram

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