Kate Upton Says She 'Begged' for Her Curvy Body

Sometimes you hear a beautiful celebrity or model talk about her body like she's no big deal and you just want to shout: give us a break! You have to know you're gorgeous since you're being paid millions to be gorgeous, right? Admit it!

Depending on how you feel about her, you will either be pleased or annoyed to hear that Kate Upton is totally aware of the fact that her body makes scores of boys want to take up baseball (she's dating pro player Justin Verlander). She isn't shy about letting the world know she knows she's hot stuff and has even recently admitted that she "begged" to have her curvy body.


In a recent interview with Elle U.K. magazine, The Other Woman star revealed that she was a skinny twig growing up in Florida, and that her straight body was considered "ugly." When she was starting out as a lowly catalogue model, her greatest aspiration was to be granted some curves by the curve gods so that she could become a swimsuit model. So she says she "begged" to be bigger.

Well, God must like her lots because he delivered -- big time. Kate says she's always surprised when someone calls her "healthy" -- which is, sadly, code for "chubby" in the modeling world -- because she's darn happy with her womanly bod. How can you not love her with that confident attitude?

If I knew all it took was a bit of begging to get a new body, I would have prayed a little harder because all I wanted when I was 12 was bigger boobs. I got a bit of what I wanted and that's good enough for me, but I'm guessing the gods gave the rest of my boobs to Kate. Hey, at least she's using them to pay the bills.

But seriously, it's refreshing to finally hear a pretty celeb admit that she is all that. Kate isn't being boastful -- she's being honest. She gets paid a handsome salary to be every boy's fantasy, and there's no reason she shouldn't acknowledge that her voluptuous body is pretty special.

Do you think Kate Upton's latest remark about begging for her body comes off as conceited or honest?


Image via kateupton/Instagram

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