Nina Dobrev Doesn't Seem Happy About Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed (PHOTOS)

nina dobrev nikki reedWhen news broke that vampires Ian Somerhaler and Nikki Reed were dating, fans collectively cheered, and then went, "Wait, wha?" Sure, Somerhalder and Reed make a fantastically attractive couple and they're both more than entitled to romantic happiness after their respective break-ups. But... Reed does look eerily similar to Somerhalder's last girlfriend, also a vampire, Nina Dobrev. (The man clearly has a type.) And it looks like that notion isn't lost on Nina. After photos of Somerhalder and Reed surfaced online this week, Dobrev posted a few cryptic messages to her Instagram account. Sure, it could be a case of "people reading into things that aren't there," but the timing, and more so, the nature, of the messages are just a little too coincidental.

Looks like Nina might not be over Ian.


Since news of the new couple broke, Nina posted the following messages:

A little weird, right? I mean, if your Facebook friend posted messages like this to their wall after their ex started dating someone new, you'd totally think it was intentional, right? The timing is just too strange.

Hopefully, if Nina is upset about Ian and Nikki, she'll eventually get over it, because, after all, they've gotta work together (awkward). Or maybe, just maybe, this'll be the thing that brings them back together. (Not that we, you know, want to see Nikki upset.)

Man, vampire love triangles always the most dramatic.

Do you think Nina's messages were about Ian?


Images via Nina Dobrev/Instgram

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