Rob Kardashian Gets Braces -- Yes, Really!

rob kardashian bracesOf all the Kardashians, Rob is certainly the most enigmatic. From completely disappearing before a family trip to Thailand to tweeting weird things about his sister Kylie, something appears to be amiss with the guy -- and, unlike his open-book sisters, he never talks about his issues. Sometimes, despite his privileged upbringing, it's hard not to feel bad for him, as he's clearly the odd man out in his family. And the metal braces Rob just got probably won't help his case much.

On Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the lone male Kardashian flashes a smile and, well, dude's got a mouth full of a metal.


Personally, I find it a little surprising that Rob decided to get braces at 27 years old, because, well, nothing seemed wrong with his teeth. I'm not a dentist and, not gonna lie, I typically don't stare at his mouth, but his teeth have always appeared to look perfectly straight. With Rob, it kinda seemed like: Got 99 problems, but the teeth ain't one.

And while it's certainly not unusual to get braces later on in life ('memba when Tom Cruise had them?), it's a little bit of a shock that instead of getting the Invisalign ones, like his sister Khloe got at 28, he went for the full-on metal ones a la Gwen Stefani. Good for him, I guess, for not caring what people think. But again, a little surprising, because he usually does seem to care what people think.

Poor Rob. Seems like it's one thing after another with this dude. Hopefully, everything will fall into place for him soon ... and hopefully, his sisters won't make fun of him for getting braces. But somehow, I kind of doubt that's a possibility.

What do you think of Rob's decision to get braces at 27?


Image via Splash News

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