Casper Smart's Birthday Message to Jennifer Lopez Means He's Not Over Her

Jennifer Lopez, Casper SmartWell that's kind of awkward. Jennifer Lopez's ex Casper Smart reached out to her on her birthday Thursday with a totally random and kind of sad Instagram message. Jenny From the Block celebrated the big 4-5, much to the chagrin of us 30-somethings who only wish we looked like her now.

The couple broke up a few months ago, and while it seems that JLo moved on almost immediately, Casper's still living in the past. The dancer posted a picture of a teddy bear cake and wished his ex a very sweet happy birthday. He might as well have added a "throwback Thursday" hashtag, because the cake in question was one served up at Jen's birthday a couple of years ago when they were still a thing. 


Casper captioned the photo, "Happppppppy Birthday to the most Beautiful lil bear in the world!!!! May all your wishes come true!! @JLo"

Womp womp. While this seems kind of sweet and reminiscent at first, the sad reality is that it doesn't look like Casper is over Jen at all. Then again, if you lost Jennifer Lopez for a girlfriend, wouldn't you be a little remorseful too?

Meanwhile, Jen has been celebrating her big day with some treasured girlfriends, including Leah Remini, who she's been spending a lot of time with recently. She has not responded to Casper's bday well wishes.

Do you think Casper's birthday wishes to JLo were sweet and sincere, or kind of sad?


Image via Splash News

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