Kate Middleton Gets One Very Stylish Gift From Victoria Beckham

Kate Middleton

Talk about a red-hot gift. According to reports, Victoria Beckham has given Kate Middleton a swoon-worthy and stylish gift that has fashionistas all a flutter. It's not known what the occasion was for the gift, but what is known is that we all wish Beckham was our BFF too if she's handing out gifts like this.


According to E! Online, Beckham gave Middleton a pair of Christian Louboutin boots that would have made Carrie Bradshaw herself green with shoe envy. Because of the summer heat, the Duchess hasn’t been seen wearing them by the public yet, but oh we can't wait.

Kate Middleton’s style has been copied, cut, and pasted by women around the world, so it should come as to no surprise that couture houses love it when she steps out wearing their label. Louboutin himself told The Times:

I have all respect for what Kate Middleton is doing. I know that Victoria Beckham offered her a pair of my boots and she looked great in them. She’s been photographed wearing my boots. She looked fantastic.

I can only imagine what kind of fashion frenzy the Duchess is going to make when we finally see her rocking the red-soled boots when temps dip down this Fall. The surely sexy kicks will definitely kick Kate's typically traditional, comfy look up a spicy notch.

Of course, Middleton could be rocking a pair of $7 flip-flops from Target and we’d still be mesmerized by them. She has had everyone induced in a fashion coma for years now, and we haven't woken up from it yet.

Now ... is it October yet?

Do you think Kate Middleton will make Louboutins more popular than ever?

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