Queen Elizabeth Photobombs a Selfie & It's Royally Awesome (PHOTO)

Queen Elizabeth

She definitely comes off as really stiff and prim and proper the majority of the time, but after seeing Queen Elizabeth photobomb players of the Australian women's hockey team, it's clear that her Majesty is way cooler than we give her credit for.

Yes ... I said the Queen of freakin' England photobombed a couple of gals who were simply trying to take a selfie to celebrate their win over Malaysia.

Check it out ... it's pretty epic.


OMG. Classic, right? I mean, she's even smiling in the pic, you guys! It's almost as if she's well aware that she's photobombing these chicks or something. Who ever would have thought that the Queen was so social media-savvy?

It seems as though she's been holding out on us as far as having a witty personality goes. But considering how awesome this photo is, she really ought to let loose a little more often to show the world what a hip lady she truly is.

Pulling off the perfect photobomb is no easy feat, so we have to give her props for being up for the challenge.

Does this change your opinion of Queen Elizabeth?


Image via WPA Pool/Royal Family & Celebrities At The 20th Commonwealth Games/Getty Images

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