Kim Kardashian's Latest Sexy Photo Is Nothing Short of Awkward

Kim Kardashian

Sigh ... this is starting to get a little old. While the first few bikini photos Kim Kardashian shared from Mexico were no doubt incredibly hot, now she's gone and posted another one. The way she has herself positioned on the lounge chair basically screams, "OMG I'm in desperate need of attention and I'll just DIE if you don't give it to me."

She deemed this latest shot to be a "tanning photo," which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, given the fact that we're well aware that she's likely getting full-body spray tans behind the scenes.

And if she was trying to make her body even more bronzed on vacation? Well ... that brings us back to her awkward positioning once again.


Kim Kardashian

Uhhhh ... have you ever laid out like that while basking in the sun? I mean, she looks more like she's ready to indulge in a little bedroom action with Kanye West as opposed to getting her sun-kissed glow on. It's pretty obvious that she posed like that simply for the sake of looking all sexy.

And while we certainly can't fault her for wanting to show off just how freakin' incredible her body is -- the fact that she's doing so over and over again definitely leads us to believe that she's in the midst of some sort of pre-mid-life crisis right now.

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It's like she constantly needs reaffirmation that she's all sorts of hot, which must mean she's secretly doubting herself deep down inside. Hmm. Maybe Kanye isn't doing much to boost her ego these days? Or maybe she's just so obsessed with perfecting her physique that she can't resist sharing photos at every chance she gets -- in the hopes that she'll receive tons of compliments?

Whatever the case, it's time for Kim to chill on the "I'm such a MILF" declarations ... at least for a few weeks or so. If she tapers off for a while, people will be a lot more blown away the next time she opts to go on a bikini parade.

Do you think Kim is having confidence issues?


Images via Splash News; kimkardashian/Instagram

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