Kourtney Kardashian's Pregnancy Glow Couldn't Be More Stunning (PHOTOS)

kourtney kardashian

Damn! Kourtney Kardashian's third pregnancy seems to be agreeing with her. We heard that her pregnancy with Penelope was rough, but this time around, Kourt seems to be all smiles, all the time -- and she looks fantastic to boot.

All the Kardashian girls are known for their shiny, flowing hair and dewy complexions, but something looks different about Kourtney right now. The eldest Kardashian sister just Instagrammed a photo of herself, and good Lord, her skin is positively glowing. The woman looks fantastic. If this is what we all need to do for skin this pretty, I say we all run out and get pregnant. Just kidding. Kind of.


kourtney kardashian

She looks great, right? Sure, her makeup was professionally done and she's got Instagram filters out the wazoo, but there seems to be something different about Kourtney here. She looks extra pretty and, more importantly, extra happy.

I don't doubt that the Kardashian beauty products she's hawking here are great, but sorry, they can't be that good. That right there is the glow of a pregnant woman and nothing else. 

Looking good, Kourt! Can't wait to find out what you're having. My money's on girl. Only a surge of estrogen can make your skin that dewy.

What do you think Kourtney's having: A boy or a girl?


Images via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

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