Portia de Rossi Joins ‘Scandal’ for Season 4 & Ellen Couldn't Be Prouder

Portia de RossiI almost forgot for two seconds that Portia de Rossi is an actual, very talented actress, and not just one half of one of my favorite celebrity couples. Seriously, she and Ellen DeGeneres set the bar for couple cuteness.

Like the adorable way Ellen broke the news that Portia will be joining ABC's hit show Scandal for season 4 with a "top secret" storyline. Entertainment Weekly later confirmed the news, but Ellen was the one who broke it when she took to Twitter to brag about her wife's latest accomplishment.


Aghh! What could it be? The finale of season 3 was pretty epic, and not to give anything away if it's on your "shows to binge-watch" list (do it. do it now.), but there are about a thousand different possibilities for Portia. Will she join Pope and Associates? Fitz's White House staff? A hitman for Papa Pope over at B-613? I can't wait to see what Shonda Rhimes has planned for her!

Don't forget (like I almost did) that the 41-year-old is a veteran TV actress. She played Lindsay Bluth on the cult classic Arrested Development, and Nelle Porter on Ally McBeal. Given the life she gave those roles, she's going to be great on Scandal.

Do you think Portia de Rossi is a good addition to Scandal?


Image via Pulicciano/Flickr

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