Miley Cyrus & Pharrell Williams in 'Come Get It Bae' Is an Odd, Silly Pairing (VIDEO)

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Pharrell Williams may be most known for "Happy" recently, while Miley Cyrus may be most known for twerking and sticking out her tongue. Combine those two forces, and what do you get? Miley and Pharrell in his new video, "Come Get It Bae." The video starts off flashing the words "Beauty has no expiration date," then features a bunch of, well, young, beautiful women dancing around in a studio. In heels, of course. Because why not!

Pharrell, for the most part, sits there and smiles at all the hot women, most likely thinking that it must be good being Pharrell. (According to Rolling Stone, this is an homage to George Michael's "Too Funky" clip. In case you wanted to know.)

But then of course, clearly diverting from said homage, Miley shows up about two minutes in, and any guesses as to what she immediately does? You bet: She looks at the camera and sticks her tongue out.


Check out Miley and Pharrell in action together here:

Well ... all righty then. It's quite a weird juxtaposition seeing the "real" women take their dancing and grinding so seriously while Pharrell and Miley goof off and act like fools. But, um, hey, at least the tune is kind of catchy?

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Models and Miley, what more does one need for a music video? And the best part of this video is that Miley actually never twerks. Hey, it's the little things. She doesn't even look all that ridiculous -- though she looks silly, it's definitely on purpose. Their frolicking around the studio doesn't go for the shock factor, which is pretty refreshing when it comes to Miley and her recent antics. The whole thing is just kind of fun and strange.

What more is there to say about this video? I'd argue not much. I think I've used up enough brain cells thinking about this one already and being forced to watch this video. It's probably best if we move on with our lives.

What do you think of Miley's appearance in Pharrell's latest video? Do you like the song?

Image via PharrellWilliamsVEVO/YouTube

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