Justin Bieber's Partying May Lead Neighbors to Make Citizen's Arrest

Justin BieberIt's not a party until the cops show up. Several times. Justin Bieber had one helluva party the other night -- apparently my invite was lost in the mail -- and the cops visited the party pad about the excessive noise not once, not twice, not three times, BUT FOUR TIMES! Now that is a party, y'all! Of course, this being Justin Bieber, he wasn't going to listen to the police. Ha! He's been outsmarting those ninnies for quite some time now.


In fact, Bieber's neighbors (oh my god, the poor neighbors) in the apartment complex have been told by cops that they can't actually DO anything about The Biebs' annoying and apparently drug-fueled parties. Unless they see someone breaking the law, it's out of their hands.

So the fuzz suggested that the neighbors make a citizen's arrest. Erm, yeah, Justin has a bunch of burly bodyguards. I'm so totally sure that 83-year-old Dottie from down the hall will be able to arrest him.

Neighbors say that ever since Bieber moved in (who let this happen??), he's been throwing wild parties that reek of pot smoke, and in which tons of "bimbos" line up to do drugs in the bathroom. (And where was my invite?)

First of all, why the heck did Bieber decide to move into an apartment complex where neighbors are going to complain versus buying a mansion out in the middle of the Hollywood Hills so no one can hear him? Surely, he has the money. Maybe he WANTS to annoy people.

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But cheer up, neighbors. Justin is currently on probation for egging his neighbor's house. The loud partying could end up being a violation of that probation -- which could send him to jail.

But I'll believe it when I see it. He's a wily one, that Bieber.

What would you do with a neighbor like this?


Image via JustinBieber/Instagram

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