'Bachelorette' Star Josh Murray Shares Insanely Hot Shirtless Photo

Josh Murray

So it's no surprise that Josh Murray is one of the hottest Bachelorette contestants to ever come on the show. How this guy struggled to find a girlfriend in the first place is beyond me. He is visually flawless -- and just when I thought he couldn't get any more perfect, he decides to post this sexy shirtless photo on Instagram.

I think I've died and gone to six-pack-ab heaven.

Seriously, you need to see the hotness to believe it:


I mean, come on. This shouldn't even be legal to be this hot. If Andi Dorfman ends up with Josh in the end, she's a lucky little lady.

(I actually do know the answer to this but I'll let you decide if you want to read the spoilers!)

Is Josh the hottest thing you've ever seen or are you blind?

Images via joshmurray11/Instagram

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