Kim Kardashian Slams Rob Kardashian in the Lowest Possible Way

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Geez! Apparently she's on a mission to alienate every single family member or something, because Kim Kardashian's harsh comments about Rob Kardashian are definitely a little out of line.

On the July 20 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim blatantly bashed her dear bro, admitting that she doesn't feel sorry for him and thinks he could deal with a good dose of "tough love." Her words came after he failed to show up at the airport for the family vacay to Thailand.


She said, "We've all been here to offer him help and he won't take it, so I don't have sympathy. I think I'm just more of the tough love kind of person. My personality is like, 'All right, you complain, you don't like it, get up and do something about it.'"

(Damn. Why don't you tell us how you really feel, Kim?)

Um, while I sort of get the whole bit about not being able to help someone if they aren't willing to accept your assistance -- don't you think she's being just a tad bit mean, considering this is her brother and all?

Rob is obviously going through a very tough time in his life. I'm sure he'd appreciate a little more compassion and understanding from the people who are supposed to care about him the most. And I feel like she took a direct jab at his weight with the "get up and do something about it" bit, which she should know better than to do, considering how badly she was fat-shamed during her pregnancy. I mean, how would she have felt if someone had told her to "get up and do something about it"?

Kim is obviously feeling emotional about the situation with Rob, but if she doesn't watch what comes out of her mouth, she may wind up eating her words down the road when he finally reconciles with the family. He's bound to come around at some point and be part of the crew again. Something tells me she'll really regret shutting him out when that day in time arrives.

Do you think Kim is being too hard on Rob?


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