New Photos of Kate Middleton Reveal What Royal Family Life Has Done to Her

prince georgeIf you're a royalphile or, you know, go on the Internet, you probably know that today is Prince George's first birthday. Yep, the Duke and Duchess' little man turns 1 today. Crazy how time flies, right? Prince William and Kate Middleton released an official photo of George walking recently to celebrate the occasion, but now they've gone and done us one better: The royal family released a family portrait, and by George, it couldn't be more stunning. Kate, as usual, looks flawless. And Wills and George aren't too shabby either!


kate middleton

Beautiful photo, right? It was taken a few weeks ago at the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London, where Prince George likely was in heaven! What kid doesn't love a good butterfly exhibition?

Here's another photo for good measure:

kate middleton

Stunning family. So young, beautiful, and happy. And, hello, could Wills get any more princely here? A butterfly landed on him for crying out loud!

Also, if you're feeling like Kate's dress looks familiar, no, you're not losing your mind. The Duchess wore the same short-sleeved green dress by Suzannah during her royal tour of Australia and New Zealand. You can try to order it for yourself if you'd like to be (future) queen for a day, but odds are, it'll sell out quickly. 

Happy birthday, Prince George! And thanks to the royal family for sharing more beautiful photos of their gorgeous little trio. May their little one's day be filled with cake, happiness, and of course, more butterflies!

How beautiful are these photos of Will, Kate, and George?


Images via James Whatling/Splash News/Splash News

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