Khloe Kardashian Latest Selfie May Reveal Major Relationship News

khloe kardashianIt looks as though Khloe Kardashian has definitely moved on from her past and she’s not afraid to flaunt her newfound happiness, either. The reality television star recently shared a new Instagram selfie that has got everyone talking about her new body and overall healthier appearance.

Plus, Khloe drops a MAJOR hint about her future with boyfriend French Montana, too.


In the photo, which Khloe posted on her Instagram account this past weekend, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star flaunts her new, slimmed-down body. She's smokin' in a pair of tight jeans along with a black top and deep plunging neckline, and it has everyone's tails wagging.

The photo is further proof that Khloe has gotten over the drama she has endured because of ex-husband Lamar Odom. Not only that, it proves that she is finally in a place in her life where she loves and accepts her body and her appearance. Girlfriend is definitely not shy when it comes to flaunting it, either.

Plus, Khloe is sporting some major bling on that all-important ring finger. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions here, but there could be a possibility that Khloe will be announcing some very exciting engagement news in the future. As we all know, the Kardashians are really bad at keeping secrets, and if her French Montana did indeed propose to her -- as this photo suggests -- we’ll be hearing about it real soon. Can you imagine if there were two major Kardashian weddings in one year?

In the meantime, we hope Khlo continues to show off what her mama gave her. We just love this new, confident, and very healthy-looking Khloe and can't wait to see more.

Do you think Khloe is ready to tie the knot with French Montana? 


Photo via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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