Kim Kardashian's New Bikini Selfies Are So Hot It's Kind of Insane (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian

As if we weren't already envious enough of the little vacation she's enjoying in Mexico, Kim Kardashian shared poolside selfies yet again, showing off what just might be the hottest bikini body she's ever had. (Like ever.)

And I know what you're thinking -- seeing Kim flaunt her curves in a two-piece is really nothing new, to the point where we barely bat an eyelash at her bangin' bod anymore. But I assure you, that's simply not the case with these photos. They're all sorts of smokin' and then some -- and they're going to make you seethe with jealousy.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Please excuse me while I vow to swear off carbs for the rest of my life while hopping on the treadmill to finish writing this post.

Good grief, people! Just when we think her figure can't possibly get any better, Kim manages to whip herself into even better shape, leaving us all to wonder where we're going wrong in life. I mean, I know everyone looks thinner lying down and all -- but you simply can't fake being this toned and dimple-free.

But even though it's obvious that Kim is proud of her body (as she should be) -- these pics do pose one burning question. Where in the hell is Kanye West? Given the fact that they're newlyweds, you'd think he'd want to be in as close proximity as possible to his wife at all times -- but all signs point to Kim being in Mexico with friends.

Hmm. Maybe she's trying to remind him of what he's missing by sharing these pics? If they aren't enough to make him drool all over himself, it's tough not to wonder if there's (literally) trouble in paradise.

Do you think Kim is looking for attention or simply proud of her body?


Images via PacificCoastNews; kimkardashian/Instagram; kimkardashian/instagram

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