Weird Evidence That Kate Middleton May in Fact Be Pregnant

kate middletonWe've all heard the rumors. In fact, it's impossible not to hear the rumors, because they're literally everywhere right now -- Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number two, according to numerous (numerous) sources. Sure, there always seems to be "the Duchess is pregnant" gossip floating around, but this time it really does seem true. (For those of you not up to speed, Kate's "friend," Jessica Hay, let it slip that she and Prince William are expecting again. Hay also happens to be the person who let it slip when Kate was pregnant the first time.)


It could be fact; it could, of course, be fiction, but E! Online made an interesting discovery recently: As of late, the Duchess has been strategically placing objects over her belly constantly. (And her clothes, though far from baggy, do seem to be a bit more forgiving than usual). E! scoured photos of the future Queen of England from various appearances in the last few weeks, and there certainly is a trend. From bouquets of flowers to handbags, Kate has been hiding her tummy a lot lately.

This all may be sheer coincidence, and if Kate is pregnant, we'll all surely find out soon enough -- but who are we if we don't speculate a bit, people, amiright?

In the past, I haven't really believed all "the Duchess is pregnant" gossip. But between Kate's sudden penchant for concealing her belly, the crazy fever-pitch the gossip has reached, and the fact that the same person "let the news slip" again -- I don't know. All signs are kind of pointing to yes.

All we need is to see that tummy.

Do you think the Duchess is pregnant with baby number two?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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