Lea Michele's Revealing Bikini Photos Hint at What's Really Going On

lea micheleLea Michele loves showing off photos of herself in a bikini. And I see nothing wrong with that. I love when women celebrate their bodies, and are proud of how they look. We should all have the confidence it takes to do that, along with a healthy body image. We must also remember that we come in different shapes and sizes. We can't hate on Lea because she's fit. Instead, we should celebrate right there with her.

In her latest bikini pics, Lea shows off a green thong bikini and tiny neon pink bathing suit. The gorgeous shots was taken in Italy on a boat. Okay, maybe that's where the tinge of jealousy can start to creep in.


Hello! Check out that tattoo. Both bikinis! Love. The 27-year-old looks incredible. That wind blowing in her hair. She seems happy and enjoying life. This is very good for her especially since the anniversary of her boyfriend Cory Monteith's death just passed. So while these photos are revealing in the sense that they show a lot of skin, they are also a good indicator of how she is doing, how she is coping, how she is learning to live and cherish the amazing memories she had with Cory. That should make us all smile.

What do you think of Lea Michele's pics?


Image via Lea Michele/Instagram

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